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43rd Annual Congress of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

Symbol Formation & Transformation in Theory and Practice

June 1 – 3, 2018
Montreal, Quebec

With International Speaker:
Dr. Elias da Rocha Barros
São Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Elias da Rocha Barros is a psychoanalyst, training analyst and renowned international speaker from São Paolo, Brazil. He is the recipient of the Sigourney Award for significant contributions in the field of psychoanalysis, and is a pioneer in making the work of Melanie Klein and her followers known in South America. He has combined the influences of his training in the British Psychoanalytic Institute with his studies of both Kleinian and field theory popular in Italy and in Latin America.

New Programme Features

  • Pre-congress Working Parties Group (CCM and WPSPTT-IGW) with moderators from Brazil, Canada, France and the USA
  • Keynote Address with Dr. Elias da Rocha Barros
  • Master Clinical Case Presentation with Dr. Elias da Rocha Barros
  • Work/Study Groups aimed at in-depth explorations of four psychoanalytic topics led by a panel of Canadian experts:
    • The Psychoanalytic Study of the Work of Bion (Drs. Elie Debbane, Rose Vasta, Gabriela Legorreta, Sharon Francis Harrison)
    • The Psychoanalytic Study of Sibling Relation (Drs. Brian Robertson, Gabriela Legorreta)
    • The Psychoanalytic Study of Trauma (Dr. Arthur Leonoff, Ms. Josette Garon, Dr. Joseph Fernando)
    • The Study of Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy (Dr. Sarah Usher, Ms. Carole Hamel)
  • Invited Paper Presentation by Doctor Howard Levine (USA)
  • Panel Discussion on Working Party Groups (Drs. Philippe Valon (France), Elizabeth da Rocha Barros (Brazil), Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly (Canada)

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