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CPS Pre-Congress Working Parties

Pre-Congress of the 43rd Annual National Congress of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

Wednesday, May 30, 2018: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Thursday, May 31, 2018: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Montreal, Quebec

The CPS is holding two IPA Working Party Groups as a Pre-Congress to the National Congress. In these sessions, a small group of psychoanalysts will use verbatim material prepared by a presenting analyst. Each Working Party meets for a day and a half following a method carefully developed over many years to explore the analytic process.

Separate registration and registration fee is required for the Pre-Congress. Registration is currently underway. See below.


$140, CPS members
$110, Candidates
$150, Members of other Psychoanalytic Societies

Deadline for registration is February 15, 2018 or when groups are fully filled which will likely be before this date.

Attendees are expected to attend all sessions of their Working Party Group from beginning to end.
The Groups will be held in English but participants do not have to be fully fluent in English.

View or Download the Provisional Programme

CCM Working Party: Comparative Clinical Methods (CCM)

The Working Party on Comparative Clinical Methods (CCM) has been designed to allow analysts to talk across the theoretical divides. The members of the groups have a work task: to understand how the presenting psychoanalyst works in their consulting room. The group attempts to uncover both the explicit and implicit analytic theory and method. Over two days of meetings discussions focus directly on the presenter’s way of working, first by considering the function and purpose of each “intervention” in depth (Step 1). Following Step 1, members of the group “construct” from their discussion of the clinical hours, a picture of the presenter’s work (Step 2). For a more detailed description of the group, please see Appendix 1.

Moderators: Dr. Elizabeth da Rocha Barros (Brazil), Dr. Martin Gauthier (CPS-SPM)
Group size: 12-16 participants
Participants: Psychoanalysts and Candidates (maximum 2 per Group)

Working Party on the Specificiity of Psychoanalytic Treatment Today: Through Inter-analytic Group Work (WPSPTT-IAGW)

WPSPTT-IAGW is a research method based on an analogical relation between analytic sessions and their narration. The Working Party has found that owing to the associative thinking of analysts working together, the clinical research group functions as a magnifying echo of the transference-countertransference relation between patient and analyst. Clinical material is presented without giving any background to the case and the fundamental rule is to free associate to the input. The group thus “constructs” the patient, each participant using his explicit and implicit theoretical references. Through the group work the gap between theory and practice becomes reality and thus makes its exploration possible. Following this step, the presenter then comments on his reactions. This step enables the group to assess après-coup the constructions worked through during the preceding step. The group work and research work are separated by time with the research group taking place at a different time and place than the Congress group work.

Moderators: Dr. Philippe Valon (France), Ms. Ronnie Shaw, APN, BC (USA)
Group size: 12-16 participants
Participants: Psychoanalysts and Candidates (2 per group)

For more information please contact Ms. Ronnie Shaw, North American Chair WPSPTT-IAGW at and write WPSPTT in the subject line.


Please complete the registration form and send it to In order for your place to be reserved you must either pay via PayPal (below) or by sending a cheque to:

Canadian Psychoanalytic Society
7000, Côte-des-Neiges
Montreal (Quebec) H3S 2C1

Online Payment

To pay via PayPal please click Add to Cart for your registration selection below. You will be automatically directed to the cart page where you may proceed to checkout and payment.

CPS Member – Pre-Congress Working Parties Registration

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Candidates – Pre-Congress Working Parties Registration

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Members of other Psychoanalytic Societies – Pre-Congress Working Parties Registration

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