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Pre-Congress of the 44th Annual National Congress of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

Wednesday, May 29, 2019: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Thursday, May 30, 2019: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sutton Place Hotel
845 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2K6

Following on the interest stimulated by the working party experience organized in Montreal last June, a pre-congress working party will again be offered in Vancouver. The Working Party on the Specificity of Psychoanalytic Treatment Today (WPSPTT) meets for one evening and one day, following a method carefully developed over many years to explore the analytic process.

Separate registration and registration fee is required for the Pre-Congress. Registration is currently underway. See below.


$140, CPS members
$110, Candidates (Candidate registration is closed. Spaces are now full.)
$150, Members of other Psychoanalytic Societies

Deadline for registration is March 30, 2019 or as soon as the group is full.

Attendees are expected to attend all sessions of the Working Party Group from beginning to end.
The Group will be held in English but participants do not have to be fully fluent in English.

Note: To ensure boundary issues are respected, each registration is considered provisional pending the final composition of the group. Alternatives will be offered if available; otherwise your registration fee will be reimbursed.

View or Download the Pre-Congress Programme

Working Party on the Specificity of Psychoanalytic Treatment Today (WPSPTT)

The main aim of this research is to identify the fundamental aspects of psychoanalytic treatment from clinical material. The methodology applies the tenets of the psychoanalytic methodology itself, free association and free-floating attention. The Working Party is composed of two groups: a research group, which takes place at a different time and place from the Pre-Congress, and a clinical group, which will take place in the Pre-Congress. A clinical group includes 2 moderators and a reporter who is a silent member. The clinical group is made up of 12 to 15 or fewer analysts from different analytic cultures working for a day and a half on the same clinical material, the verbatim of 3-4 successive sessions provided by a presenter.

This Working Party is a research method founded by Evelyne Sechaud, who developed the work of the clinical groups by widening the ideas of Johan Norman, Bjorn Salomonsson and Jean-Luc Donnet. The method is based on an analogical relation between analytic sessions and their narration. It has been found that owing to the associative thinking of analysts working together, the clinical group functions as a magnifying echo of the transference-countertransference relation between patient and analyst. The presenter relates no more than necessary of the session content (speech, affects, and actions) without giving any details about the patient’s biography, the history of the analysis or the setting. Then the presenter remains silent, without responding to questions raised as the members of the clinical group associate freely to the material. The group thus ‘constructs’ the patient, each participant using his explicit and implicit theoretical references. In the last segment of the meeting on Thursday afternoon, the presenter offers his/her associations, thoughts, and feelings to the discussion. This step enables the group to assess après-coup the constructions worked out during the preceding step. Through the group work, the gap between theory and practice (J.-L. Donnet) becomes reality and makes its exploration possible.

Moderators: Dr. Philippe Valon (France), Ms. Ronnie Shaw, APN, BC (USA)
Group size: 12-16 participants
Participants: Psychoanalysts and 2 Candidates (Candidate spaces are now full.)

For more information please contact Ms. Ronnie Shaw, North American Chair WPSPTT at and write WPSPTT in the subject line.


Registration is now closed for this event.
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