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Conversations in Psychoanalysis Today Podcast

CPS Podcast – Conversations in Psychoanalysis Today

Psychoanalysis in Canada

Statement about the vitality of psychoanalysis in Canada today.


Search our database of Canadian Psychoanalytic Society members by name, location, language and area of specialty.
About Psychoanalysis
an overview and links

Community Bridges

Engaging the Public in Psychoanalysis Through Events, Books, Podcasts and More

Accredited Psychoanalytic Training

Learn About Certification from the Five Training Institutes Across Canada

Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis

Learn more about the journal, submissions, subscriptions and more.

Branches of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

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Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society

Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society

Quebec English Branch

Société psychanalytique de Montréal

Société psychanalytique de Québec

Southwestern Ontario Psychoanalytic Society

Toronto Psychoanalytic Society

Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

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