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Community Bridges

Community Bridges

Psychoanalysis on the Move

The branches of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society sponsor activities to create bridges with different communities and partner with community organizations. Their joint activities include the sharing of psychoanalytic knowledge and the creation of opportunities for multidisciplinary dialogue. It also includes the planning of media events for public participation and discussion.

This section is a window into the Community Bridges activities of the members of the CPS. It is both an archive and an advertisement of the various outreach activities of the CPS involved in the social, political and cultural life of our local communities across the country.

Events Open to All


52nd ATPPP Scientific Session

52nd ATPPP Scientific Session

Teletherapy: Closeness and distance

TPS – Toronto, ON / November 13, 2021

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Rencontres avec des psychanalystes de la SPM

Rencontres avec des psychanalystes de la SPM

Une série de 8 rencontres


En Savoir Plus


SFU Lecture Series

Simon Fraser University

Polis and Psyche Lecture Series

Various Dates

Series Information


Psychotherapy Saves Series

This video series demonstrates that intensive psychotherapy is a medically necessary mental health treatment that saves lives.

Psychoanalytic Thinking Parts 1-4

Video Series by Don Carveth

Psychoanalytic Ideas

Chris Heath, MD explores the unconscious mind.

Entrevue avec le Dr Wilfrid Reid

Entrevue avec le Docteur Wilfrid Reid (SPM), réalisée par Pierre Joly (SPM) pour la revue Filigrane à l’occasion du statut de membre émérite de la SPM décerné au Dr Reid en 2019.


IPA On and Off the Couch

On and Off the Couch

International Psychoanalytical Association

New Books NetworkNew Books in Psychoanalysis

New Books Network

Freud Museum PodcastFreud Museum Podcast

Freud Museum London


A-tishoo, A-tishoo We All Fall Down

Jonathan Sklar
Ferenczi Forum

The New Theatrics of Remote Therapy

Adam Gopnik
The New Yorker

Conference Resources

Sincerity and Freedom in Psychoanalysis

A studio conference inspired by Sandor Ferenczi’s Clinical Diary organised by The Freud Museum and IMAGO International


The Analyst as Storyteller / El Analista como Narrador

The Analyst as Storyteller / El Analista como Narrador

Edited by Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau

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