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What Code of Ethics Do CPS Analysts Operate Under?

As a member of the CPS, an International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) Constituent Organisation, your analyst adheres to a strict code of ethics at both the national and international level. To see these codes click here.

Your analyst may also be a member of another health discipline, professional body or educational institution as well as being qualified to practice psychoanalysis.

How Do I Find A CPS Psychoanalyst?

To find a psychoanalyst, you can use the search function on the homepage of this website. The IPA does not recommend individual analysts, but please feel free to contact a local Constituent Organization about finding a suitable analyst. A number of these analysts are capable of conducting analysis in a language other than the principal one of the Constituent Organization.

How Can I Fid Out If an Analyst is a Member of the CPS or IPA, or Not?

You can use the search function on the homepage of this website by introducing the full name of the analyst. If he or she will be displayed with name and address, he/she is an IPA member. But you can also email the IPA with the full name of the analyst and the IPA Membership Services team will be able to tell you.

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