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This listing includes upcoming events presented by the CPS and its branches.

Listings for each branch are indicated by colour as follows:

  • Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (CPS)
  • Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society (OPS)
  • Quebec English Branch (QEB)
  • Société psychanalytique de Quebec (SPQ)
  • Société psychanalytique de Montreal (SPM)
  • Southwestern Ontario Psychoanalytic Society (SWOPS)
  • Toronto Psychoanalytic Society (TPS)
  • Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (WBCPS)

September 2020

September 9 – TPS, Releasing the Gordian Knot: Working with the Encrypted Imago

September 10 – SPM, Le féminin, l’analyste et l’enfant théoricien

September 17 – QEB, How is the Current Pandemic Transforming Us Individually and Socially?

September 26 – WBCPS, Social Justice on the Couch: Collapse and Repair of Social Thirdness

October 2020

October 14 – TPS, On Dreaming, Parasomnia, and Murder – as seen through Willock’s book The Wrongful Conviction of Oscar Pistorius

October 15 – SPM, Réflexions du point de vue anthropologique et psychanalytique sur la parenté et les nouvelles techniques de reproduction

October 22 – QEB, Panel on Trans

October 30-31 – WBCPS, 2020 Annual Scientific Conference: Aftermath of Trauma

November 2020

November 19 – QEB, The First Analytic Encounter

November 21 – TPS, Lacan’s View of Perversions: A Perverse Theory?

November 21 – QEB, Annual Symposium – Working with Individuals with Depressive and Self-Defeating Patterns

November 28 – OPS, Consenting and Assenting To Psychoanalytic Work

November 28 – WBCPS, Rescuing Conscience from the Moralistic Superego: Notes on the New Puritanism in Psychoanalysis

December 2020

December 9 – TPS, What is Psychoanalytic Supervision?

December 10 – SPM (with QEB), Perspectives anthropologiques et psychanalytiques de la parenté et de la Procréation médicalement assistée.

December 10 – QEB (with SPM), Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Parenthood and Assisted Reproductive Technology

January 2021

January 14 – SPM, Écrire la psychanalyse. De l’écoute sensorielle à la plongée solitaire dans l’écriture.

January 20 – TPS, Wild Thoughts in Search of a Thinker. The Case of a Man Born with a Dislocated Shoulder.

January 21 – QEB, Modern Kleinian Therapy: Theory and Clinical Technique

January 30 – SPM, Colloque conjoint SPM/IPM – Analyse à distance : question(s) de transmission

January 30 – WBCPS, Awakening to an Attitude of Implication

February 2021

February 10 – TPS, Early, Late and Contemporary Lacan in the Clinic

February 11 – SPM, Devenir analyste et le rester, dans le plaisir partagé : formation du candidat, formation continue, fin de carrière.

February 18 – QEB, Our Proto-Mental “We”

February 20 – OPS, Gender, psychic bisexuality, the feminine and femininity in the psychoanalytic theory.

March 2021

March 10 – TPS, Ruthlessness and the Transitioning of the Analyst’s Mind

March 11 – SPM, Regard autopoïétique sur le cadre et le processus analytique

March 18 – QEB, Movie Night – LOOK WHO’S BACK from David Wnendt (2015)

April 2021

April 14 – TPS, The Unrepresented in the Treatment of an Adult-Gifted-Child

April 15 – QEB, The Female Oedipus Complex Revisited

April 24 – WBCPS, Transformations in Negative Therapeutic Reaction

May 2021

May 12 – TPS, Psychoanalysis at the Transgender Edge

May 20 – QEB, TBA

June 2021

June 10 – SPM, Dialogue autour de “L’analyse sur écoute”

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