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This listing includes upcoming events presented by the CPS and its branches.

Listings for each branch are indicated by colour as follows:

  • Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (CPS)
  • Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society (OPS)
  • Quebec English Branch (QEB)
  • Société psychanalytique de Quebec (SPQ)
  • Société psychanalytique de Montreal (SPM)
  • Southwestern Ontario Psychoanalytic Society (SWOPS)
  • Toronto Psychoanalytic Society (TPS)
  • Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (WBCPS)

September 2021

September 16 – SPM, La cure de parole ou les destins de la représentance ou les formes de l’expérience psychique.

September 18 – TPS, 22nd Annual Day in Applied Psychoanalysis

September 22 – TPS, Analytic Safety: Navigating the Shifting Sands – A Relational Perspective

September 23 – QEB, Some Problems Encountered by Most Psychoanalytic Societies: Examining the Complex Dynamics Through a Psychoanalytic Lens.

September 25 – OPS, Gender as an Emotional Situation

October 2021

October 2 – WBCPS, Releasing the Gordian Knot: Working with the Encapsulated Representation of a Parent

October 14 – SPM, « Nous avons toujours été ainsi » … Vraiment? :La causa sui de la réponse interprétative primale de l’enfant.

October 21 – QEB, The Concept of Failure in Psychoanalysis: Bad Faith, Technique and Complex Kindness

October 23 – TPS, Re-reading Jean Laplanche: For a Queer Gender Metapsychology

November 2021

November 6 – QEB, Annual Symposium – Transgender Identities: A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Exploration

November 11 – SPM, The shape of the thing to come : Wilfred Bion’s and Serge Doubrovsky adventures in language (Le texte sera traduit et discuté en français).

November 13 – OPS, When the Presence of Digital Technology in Psychoanalytic Sessions Makes It Possible to Avoid Oneself: Current and Future Challenges in an Era of Ubiquitous Computing

November 13 – TPS, 52nd ATPPP Scientific Session

November 18 – QEB, They Think They Find Themselves: Radical Violence and Narcissistic-Identity Suffering

November 20 – TPS, Ruthless: Winnicott, Fanon and Decolonial Struggle

December 2021

December 8 – TPS, On Psychoanalytic Supervision

December 9 – SPM (with QEB), Discussion théorico-clinique à partir des travaux d’Ofra Eshel sur « Les patients difficiles ».

December 9 – QEB (with SPM), The « Difficult » Patient Through the Works of Ofra Eshel: A Clinical Encounter

December 11 – OPS, What Does Poetry Offer Psychoanalysis?

January 2022

January 15 – SPM, Colloque conjoint IPM-SPM sur le thème de «Lire Freud, avoir lu Freud?»

January 20 – QEB, Transformations in Negative Therapeutic Reaction

January 21-22 – TPS, TPS/IPA Clinical Observation Workshop

January 29 – TPS, Adieu Lacan

January 29 – WBCPS, Creative Illusion in Couples: thoughts about love and the value of transitional and transformational relating in couples

February 2022

February 10 – SPM, Colloque conjoint IPM-SPM, “LIRE FREUD, AVOIR LU FREUD?”

February 17 – QEB, In Preparation for the September 2022 Conference on the Work of Laurence Kahn

February 26 – TPS, The Empty Couch: Love and Mourning in Times of Confinement

March 2022

March 17 – SPM, Les Enjeux de la Pratique de la Psychothérapie d’orientation Psychanalytique Au Sein d’une Institution de Santé au Québec

March 23 – TPS, The Object: An Artist and a Psychoanalyst in Conversation

March 24 – QEB, Consenting and Assenting to Psychoanalytic Work

April 2022

April 14 – SPM, Psychanalyse, travail et choix épistémologiques: quelques enjeux moraux relatifs à la psychanalyse à distance.

April 21 – QEB, Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Agency: A Panel Discussion

April 23 – TPS, Parasitic Language

April 29-30 – SPM, Colloque de la SPM avec Catherine Chabert: Le transfert et l’attente

April 30 – WBCPS, Wayfinding in the underland of gender.

May 2022

May 12 – SPM, Préparation au colloque de septembre 2022 avec Laurence Khan

May 14 – TPS, Naming, Traumatizing and Being a Player-Witness

May 21 – QEB (Joint Meeting QEB and CGPCA), Open House – I Shall Not Break

June 2022

June 16 – SPM, Titre à venir

June 25 – WBCPS, Annual Scientific Meeting – At the Frontier of Psychoanalytic Oneness: On Working analytically in the Throes of the Unthinkable

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