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Below is a listing of Scientific Program events for the current academic year to be presented by the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society and its seven branches across Canada.

Listings for each branch are indicated by colour as follows:

  • Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (CPS)
  • Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society (OPS)
  • Quebec English Branch (QEB)
  • Société psychanalytique de Quebec (SPQ)
  • Société psychanalytique de Montreal (SPM)
  • Southwestern Ontario Psychoanalytic Society (SWOPS)
  • Toronto Psychoanalytic Society (TPS)
  • Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (WBCPS)

September 2023

September 9 – WBCPS, Technological Confusion: Demands Placed on the Ego By the Transition Between Reality and Virtual Reality

September 14 – SPM, L’abandon de soi

September 20 – TPS, All Ears: Psychoanalysis and the Rhetoric of Listening

October 2023

October 12 – SPM, Titre à venir

October 25 – TPS, Women as Therapists, Patients and Protestors: A Bionian Perspective

November 2023

November 4 – TPS, 55th ATPPP Scientific Session: Radical Psychoanalysis – Laplanche in America

November 15 – TPS, The Untelling: Enactment, Transformation & the Construction of the Past

November 16 – SPM, Titre à venir

December 2023

December 6 – TPS, Stand-Still During Psychoanalytic Supervision

December 7 – SPM, Dans le sillage de la pensée de W Bion

January 2024

January 19-20 – TPS, TPS/IPA Clinical Observation Workshop

January 27 – SPM, Colloque interne de la SPM

February 2024

February 15 – SPM, Sur une cure-type avec une adolescente

February 21 – TPS, From Social Condition to Human Event: A Plea for Unknowability

March 2024

March 14 – SPM, Des théories sexuelles infantiles et du cinéma (titre

March 20 – TPS, Trauma, Guilt, And Conspiracy: The Zero Process And The Superego

April 2024

April 11 – SPM, « Des nouvelles de l’IPM » (théme et titre à venir)

April 17 – TPS, Mothering Alone: A Plea for Opportunity

May 2024

May 18 – TPS, Interpretation: Voice of the Field

May 25 – TPS, 56th ATPPP Scientific Session: The Rope of Sexuality Or How children’s ‘researches’ prime the place of sexuality – A Laplanchian view

June 2024

June 13 – SPM, Titre à venir

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