1985 Yolande Tanguay
« La ‘protopensée’: spirale ou point mort »
1986 Carol Ann Munschauer
“The Patient Chase”
1987 Irwin Kleinman
“Death of the Training Analyst: Impact on Psychoanalytic Training”
1988 Marike Finlay-deMonchy
“Quasi-Direct Discourse: Dialogical Strategy / Strategic Dialogue”
1989 Charles D. Levin
“Thinking Through the Hungry Baby”
1990 Thomas David Gazda
“Discovery of A Childhood Trauma Repeated in the Analytic Process”
1991 Andrew Brook
“Freud and Splitting”
1992 Allannah Furlong
“Some Technical & Theoretical Considerations Regarding the Missed Session”
1993 Marc-André Bouchard
“Psychoanalytic Understanding As An Hermeneutical Process”
1994 Not awarded
1995 Not awarded
1996 Not awarded
1997 Dushyant Yajnik
“A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Sociopathic Imposters & People Who Feel Inauthentic-‘Neurotic’ Imposters”
1998 William Massicotte
“The Consulting Room: A Constellation of Silent Technical Issues”
1999 Louis Brunet
« L’identification projective et la fonction contenante: Illusions nécessaires ou délire partagé »
Gabriela Legorreta
“Between an Ethereal and Earthly World : A Clinical Case”
2000 Dianne Casoni
« Jamais deux sans trois. Esquisse pour la compréhension d’une névrose traumatique »
2001 Christian Godbout
“The Economic Problem of Interpretation”

Biennial as of 2002

2002 Michel Giguère
« La psychanalyse & l’épreuve de la douleur: Enjeux clinique & métapsychologiques »
2004 Not awarded
2006 Elizabeth M. Wallace
“Ambivalent Mothers: The Very Last Taboo”
2008 Suzanne Tremblay
“Une identité émerveillée”
2010 Not awarded
2012 Barbara Burrows
“Being and Becoming an Analyst: Using the Barometer of Libidinal Connection in a First Control Case”
2014 Cecilia Taiana
“Mourning the Dead, Mourning the Disappeared: The Enigma of the Absent Presence”
2016 Paul Steinberg
“Whipped Cream and Other Delights: A Reverie and Its Aftermath”
2018 Cristian Melchiorre
“The Vessel of Secrets: Freud’s Geheimsprache and Intimacy in Psychoanalysis”
2020 Not awarded
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