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Seven members of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society living in London asked to form a London branch of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society. This was officially organized in 1982.  J. Aufreiter (first President), G. Aufreiter, J. Casselman (first Secretary), D. Heilbrunn, J. Lohrenz (first Treasurer), J. Mount and Craig Powell were the initial members. They were joined by graduates of the Toronto Institute (G. Gort, D. Kligman, J. Mount, C. Chamberlain, T. Turpin, E. Hanna, G. Truant, G. Donaldson and R. Egan), and by Members from other Societies (D. Schaffelburg, A. Sheppard, D. Hurley and D. Goldman). W. Tillmann was made a Lifetime Honorary Member in recognition of his pioneering contribution in the area of dynamic psychiatry in London.

Currently in late 2017 the Branch consists of 11 psychoanalysts and 4 Guest Members meeting during the academic year once a month for scientific meetings. Several members are involved in psychoanalytically-oriented teaching of residents in psychiatry (Greg Truant and Brian Reid) and child psychiatry (Ray Egan). Irene Oromi is also a full member of the Spanish Psychoanalytical Society and like Ray Egan, is also a child analyst. SWOPS celebrated its 35th anniversary as a Branch society in May 2017 with Louis Brunet as its Guest Speaker; many psychotherapists joined in from the community.

Scientific Meetings

October 25, 2018

Two papers from Avner Bergstein will be presented (Keynote Speaker at Vancouver Congress, June 2019):

Bergstein, A. (2009). On Boredom: A Close Encounter with Encapsulated Parts of the Psyche. Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 90(3):613-631.

Bergstein, A. (2013). Transcending the Caesura: Reverie, Dreaming and Counter-Dreaming. Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 94(4):621-644.

November 15, 2018, March 7 and April 25, 2019

For November 15th, March 7th and April 25th, the three parts, one for each evening, of Meltzer’s Dream-Life, A Re-examination of the Psychoanalytical Theory and Technique. This is one of David Goldman’s “Top 10” and is available on PEP.

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