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All members of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society are psychoanalysts, who are members of the International Psychoanalytical Association. However, legislation regarding who may call himself or herself a “psychoanalyst” varies from country to country and sometimes between regions within a country; so that in some places: anyone, even an untrained person, may use the title. It is therefore important to know the practitioner’s credentials before beginning treatment.

Graduate psychoanalysts trained under the auspices of the CPS have had very rigorous and extensive clinical education. Candidates accepted for training at an accredited psychoanalytic institute must meet high ethical, psychological, and professional standards.

What Qualifications and Experience Will My Analyst Have?

We recommend that you work with an analyst who is a member of the CPS/IPA. As a graduate of a psychoanalytic society or association and the IPA, your psychoanalyst is connected to a tradition of training, treatment, scholarship and research that meets exacting standards recognized around the world. You can therefore be sure that you are receiving the highest standards of modern professional psychoanalysis.

IPA analysts are graduates of one of its Constituent Organisations in over 30 countries that together comprise the IPA.

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