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What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is a treatment approach based on the observation that individuals are often unaware of many of the factors that determine their emotions and behaviour. These unconscious factors may be the source of considerable distress and unhappiness… Read More

Who is a Psychoanalyst?

All members of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society are psychoanalysts, who are members of the International Psychoanalytic Association. [LINK] However, legislation regarding who may call himself or herself a “psychoanalyst” varies from country to country… Read More

CPS Psychoanalysts

What Code of Ethics Do CPS Analysts Operate Under? How Do I Find A CPS Psychoanalyst? For answers to these and other questions, click here.

How does psychoanalysis differ from other mental-health therapies?

Click here for some characteristics that help differentiate this treatment from other forms of psychotherapy

Under what code of ethics do CPS analysts operate?

CPS is an IPA Constituent Organization, click here to read more.

What can psychoanalysis offer me?

People who may be severely and chronically anxious or depressed, people who may have repeated difficulties in relationships, people who may have difficulty forming any relationships at all, or people who feel an unexplained emptiness in their lives, can benefit significantly from psychoanalytic treatment… Read More

Is psychoanalysis appropriate for children?

Some psychoanalysts specialise in the analysis of children… Read More

To whom should I complain or comment?

Click Here

What is the outcome of psychoanalytic treatment?

Click here for a summary of current knowledge about outcomes of psychoanalytic treatments and an explanation of how this knowledge has come about.

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