About the Canadian Institute of Psychoanalysis (Quebec English)

The Canadian Institute of Psychoanalysis Quebec English (CIP QE) offers an intensive and comprehensive program in theoretical and clinical psychoanalysis, with an emphasis upon learning how to work with the unconscious.

The Quebec English psychoanalytic training program in Montreal qualifies its graduates for membership in both the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (CPS) and the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA). The latter was founded by Freud and is the world’s primary accrediting and regulatory body for psychoanalysis.

Graduation from the CIP-QE and membership in the CPS and the IPA provide portability: credentials as a psychoanalyst are recognized by IPA Institutes and Societies worldwide and one’s membership is easily transferred. Members and candidates are subscribed to and encouraged to contribute to the Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis / Revue canadienne de psychanalyse.


The Canadian Psychoanalytic Society, founded in 1957 under the sponsorship of the British Psychoanalytic Society, was granted full status as a component society of the IPA. The Canadian Institute of Psychoanalysis (CIP) began in Montreal as the first and at that time the only Canadian Training Program of the CPS. In 1959 the first class of candidates was accepted in Montreal to train in English according to the Eitingon model. For ten years, the Montreal Program accepted applicants from Toronto and elsewhere in Canada who were able to commute to Montreal. In 1961 the Canadian Institute of Psychoanalysis, which undertook the teaching and training functions of psychoanalysis in Canada, was established and incorporated. By 1969, different branches of the CPS had been created for cultural, linguistic, and geographic reasons. A French-speaking branch —the Société Psychoanalytique de Montréal—was created in Montreal, and two English-speaking branches were formed: the CPS (Quebec English) and the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society. Each of these branches has its own training program under the CIP. Since its inception, the Canadian Institute of Psychoanalysis (Quebec English) has offered training to candidates made up largely of mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, counsellors, and social workers).

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