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Seven members of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society living in London asked to form a London branch of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society. This was officially organized in 1982.  J. Aufreiter (first President), G. Aufreiter, J. Casselman (first Secretary), D. Heilbrunn, J. Lohrenz (first Treasurer), J. Mount and Craig Powell were the initial members. They were joined by graduates of the Toronto Institute (G. Gort, D. Kligman, J. Mount, C. Chamberlain, T. Turpin, E. Hanna, G. Truant, G. Donaldson and R. Egan), and by Members from other Societies (D. Schaffelburg, A. Sheppard, D. Hurley and D. Goldman). W. Tillmann was made a Lifetime Honorary Member in recognition of his pioneering contribution in the area of dynamic psychiatry in London.

Currently the branch has 7 active Members in London and two Candidates training at the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis. Additionally one Member is completing training as  a Child Psychoanalyst in Montreal.  Our Members also teach psychotherapy within the Department of Psychiatry at UWO. Guest speakers in psychoanalysis are sometimes invited to present topics to the broader community of therapists in the London area.

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