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This listing includes upcoming events presented by the CPS and its branches.

Listings for each branch are indicated by colour as follows:

  • Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (CPS)
  • Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society (OPS)
  • Quebec English Branch (QEB)
  • Société psychanalytique de Quebec (SPQ)
  • Société psychanalytique de Montreal (SPM)
  • Southwestern Ontario Psychoanalytic Society (SWOPS)
  • Toronto Psychoanalytic Society (TPS)
  • Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (WBCPS)

November 2017

November 16 – SPM, « Réflexions sur le travail psychothérapeutique et psychanalytique à la Clinique psychanalytique de Montréal (CPM) »

November 18 – WBCPS, Of (super) Human Bondage: and wrestling with ‘coming unglued’

November 23 – QEB, Severe Obsessive-Compulsive Personality in an Idolized Teen

November 25 – OPS, Destructivity and narcissistic identity suffering.

December 2017

December 2 – TPS, Do We Have Sufficient Common Ground to Belong to the Same Psychoanalytic Society?

December 14 – OPS, Memory of the Process: The role of day’s residues in the field of the session.

December 14 – QEB, Joint Meeting QE\SPM, Perspectives on Negative Transference: A Dialogue Between Our Analytic Cultures

December 14 – SPM, Soirée conjointe QE\SPM, « Le transfert négatif »

January 2018

January 11 – SPM, « Enquête sur la pulsion de mort »

January 18 – QEB, « Est-ce que je peux partir un sujet ? »

January 20 – OPS, Projective Identification in the Intergenerational Transmission of Unsymbolized Parental Trauma: An Adoptee’s Search for Truth.

January 27 – WBCPS, Love and Hate in the Countertransference

February 2018

February 1 – QEB, Unexpected Diversions: Opportunities for Learning in Psychoanalytic Training

February 2-3 – TPS, TPS/IPA Clinical Observation Workshop

February 8 – SPM, “Fantasme et processus de fantasmatisation”

February 24 – OPS, On Unconscious Phantasies and the Listening of the Narrative in the Traumatic Process: A case presentation.

March 2018

March 15 – SPM, « Entre intersubjectivité et sexualité infantile : anthropologies psychanalytiques et pensée de l’émancipation »

March 22 – QEB, “Soul Murder” and “Voluntary Servitude”: A Transgenerational Trauma?

March 24 – OPS, A Case of High Functioning Autism.

March 28 – TPS, Dreaming for Two – The Status of Dreams and Dreaming in Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy

April 2018

April 7 – SPM, Colloque annuel de la SPM, « L’étrangèreté de l’étranger. Perspectives croisées »

April 7 – TPS, 48th ATPPP Scientific Session – Embodyment and the Perversion of Subjective Desire

April 11 – TPS, Dark Horizons: The Future of Hospital Psychoanalysis

April 12 – OPS, OPS Infant Observation Group

April 19 – QEB, “Emprise” and Satisfaction, Paul Denis’ Theory on the Two Constituents of the Drive.

April 21 – TPS, 27th Annual Day in Psychoanalysis – Death, Immortality and Unconscious Fantasy

April 28 – WBCPS, The Dr. Elmor Smit Memorial Lecture, The Experience of Being Envied: One of the Many Hazards of Psychoanalysis

May 2018

May 23 – TPS, Further Reflections on Trauma and the Zero Process

May 24 – QEB, Theortical Reflections on the Role of Esther Bick’s Infans Observation for Candidates of the 1st Year Training for Adult Psychoanalysis a the Branch of the CPS.

June 2018

June 24 – SPM, “Paradoxe identitaire chez de jeunes pères de la rue. Proposition d’une méthodologie de recherche particuière”

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