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This listing includes upcoming events presented by the CPS and its branches.

Listings for each branch are indicated by colour as follows:

  • Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (CPS)
  • Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society (OPS)
  • Quebec English Branch (QEB)
  • Société psychanalytique de Quebec (SPQ)
  • Société psychanalytique de Montreal (SPM)
  • Southwestern Ontario Psychoanalytic Society (SWOPS)
  • Toronto Psychoanalytic Society (TPS)
  • Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (WBCPS)

September 2018

September 13 – SPM, « Je ne ressens rien… mais j’ai beaucoup à dire… et vous vous trompez si vous croyez comprendre ». Exploration de l’affect et de son rapport au narcissisme.

September 20 – SWOPS, Rivalry & Aggression in the Transference of a 5 Year Old Boy Seen in Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

September 20 – QEB, Memory of the Process 1: The patient’s account of his present and past life as the “day’s residue” in the dream of the session.

September 28 – TPS, Psychoanalytic Supervision: Traditional Views and Contemporary Experience

September 29 – WBCPS, Dreaming for Two: The Status of Dreams and Dreaming in Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy

October 2018

October 11 – SPM, À l’écoute de Narcisse. Quand les mots seuls ne sauraient suffire…

October 13 – TPS, 49th ATPPP Scientific Session – Laughing at and with Psychoanalysis: Using Humor in the Therapeutic Relationship

October 14 – TPS, Illness in the Analyst 30 Years On

October 18 – QEB, Psychoanalytic therapy with patient’s facing death, managing “Death Anxiety” and counter transference avoidance.

October 25 – SWOPS, Two papers will be presented from Avner Bergstein (Keynote Speaker at Vancouver Congress, June 2019).

November 2018

November 14 – TPS, Working Through: The Role of Patient Mental Processes In Psychoanalytic Change

November 15 – SPM, Paradoxe identitaire chez de jeunes pères de la rue. Proposition d’une méthodologie de recherche particulière.

November 15 – SWOPS, Meltzer’s Dream-Life, A Re-examination of the Psychoanalytical Theory and Technique. (Part 1)

November 17 – QEB, Annual Symposium – Three Unconscious Pathways to Representing the Analyst’s Experience: Reverie, Countertransference Dreams and Joke Work

November 22 – QEB, Slave to the rhythm. The paternal sacrifice and the virgin Mary. Reparation of the archaic by African-Brazilian music.

November 24 – WBCPS, On Psychical Structures and Psychopathology

December 2018

December 1 – TPS, The Place of Freud’s Dream-Work in Contemporary Psychoanalysis

December 13 – SPM, Colloque SPM/QEB – La vivance de Ferenczi

December 13 – QEB, Joint Meeting QEB/SPM – Ferenzi, living and enlivening.

January 2019

January 17 – SPM, Notre rapport à la théorie dans le cadre de la pratique de la psychanalyse: comment la valeur accordée à la théorie se construit-elle?

January 18-19 – TPS, TPS/IPA Clinical Observation Workshop

January 24 – QEB, Free-association, surprise, trauma and transference.

January 26 – TPS, An Examination of Contemporary Theory and Practice Through a Comparative Critique of some Major Psychoanalytic Schools

February 2019

February 14 – SPM, Les lieux où nous vivons : une nouvelle visite

February 21 – QEB, Destructivity and identity-narcissistic suffering.

March 2019

March 14 – SPM, Anzieu le penseur, Anzieu le créateur

March 21 – QEB, Hypnosis as a therapeutic adjunct in the psychoanalytic treatment of dissociative identy disorder.

March 23 – WBCPS, Gender as a Soft Assembly: Gender Multidimensionality

March 27 – TPS, Our Theory Is Us: A Contribution to Clinical Psychoanalytic Theory

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